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About trueNorth

Our Facilities

Record Centres
trueNorth’s record centres are equipped with state-of-the-art carton racking systems, complete with in-rack sprinklers and motion sensing automatic lighting. The Record Centres are protected with Chubb security which includes access control, smoke, heat and fire detection as well as motion sensors, intrusion alarms and closed circuit video monitoring of all entry points and the building interior.

trueNorth maintains a minimum of 90 days history of the video monitoring, and Chubb maintains 24/7 monitoring through a central station direct links to fire, police and trueNorth’s crisis management team.  The climate controlled Record Centres provide the ideal environment for the management and protection of your records.

Media Vault
trueNorth’s media vault is designed to store and protect electronic media that needs controlled conditions to preserve information integrity. The vault is a dry-zone, self-enclosed, climate controlled room with a 4-hour fire rating. Your company’s most critical data is safe with trueNorth.

Bar Code Tracking
All trueNorth’s services are linked to your information through our bar code tracking system. Bar coding allows your data to be uniquely identified and provides a highly efficient system for indexing, accessing, tracking, and auditing your information.

Ultra Secure Servers
trueNorth’s servers are equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and software to ensure uninterrupted access to your data.

Utilizing RAID 6 technology to manage the hard disk arrays in our primary and on-site secondary file servers safeguards your data against multiple hard drive failures. Using server replication, all data that is created or updated on the primary server is duplicated, in real-time, to the secondary server.  In addition, all data is backed up in real-time to an off-site Tier 1 Data Centre which maintains all of the data within Canada.  Finally, your data is backed up daily to a series of external drives which are rotated and stored in our high security media vault.

trueNorth's servers are also equipped with redundant power supplies and the software managing the servers continuously monitors all activity.  Should it detect an issue on the primary server the automatic failover feature will instantly engage the secondary server for all data requests.

Redundant ISP connections are also utilized to provide you with 24/7/365 access to your data via trueNorth’s ActiveWeb software.

With trueNorth, your data is always backed up and 100% accessible.

Alarm Equipped Delivery Vehicles
For pick-up and delivery, you can rely on trueNorth to ensure the confidentiality of your documents. Our Babaco Alarm equipped vehicles are perpetually locked and require a secure two-key system to access the cargo area. Your files will be securely transferred between your offices and our facilities every time.