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Why has IRSG changed its name to trueNorth Records Management?

For some time now, we have been asking ourselves, "Who are we?", "What do we stand for?", and "What are our values?" We went on a search for the best way to answer those three questions--for ourselves and for the public. We decided that this name change and rebranding was the best reflection of who we are as Canadians. Our values are deeply rooted in respect, pride, a strong work ethic, integrity, and caring like you can only find here in the North. It's the trueNorth difference.

Why did you choose the name "trueNorth Records Management"?

Innovative Record Systems Group and its acronym, IRSG, are both difficult to say and remember. We wanted to better describe, in as few words as possible, who we are and what we stand for. Simply put, trueNorth Records Management says all the things the previous name didn't.

Has IRSG been sold?

No, we have not sold. We are the same group of records management companies, and we wanted our name and brand to reflect our solidarity and stability. We are a unified operation from sea to shining sea.

What benefits can I expect from this change?

There will be no change to the premium level of service we provide in each province, but each of our partner companies will now be know as trueNorth, removing any brand name confusion on the local level.

Will prices go up?

No. There is no additional cost to our clients related to our name change.

Are you a single entity/company now?

We always have been. IRSG, now trueNorth, is a single entity and company.

How is trueNorth structured?

There is no change in the structure from IRSG. There are six partners in 10 provinces continuing to provide excellent service to our existing and new clients.

What companies joined together to create IRSG, now trueNorth?

BC Records Management Services (BC), Calgary Archives Corp. (AB), Crown Storall (SK), Phoenix Recycling (MB), FileBank Record Centre (ON), DocuGuard (Atlantic Canada).

Why should we trust those companies?

Canadians have trusted the partner companies of IRSG and its people for over 25 years. trueNorth continues to honor that trust, and that will never change.

Are there any regulatory, legal, or legislative implications to this name change?

No, there are no regulatory, legal, or legislative implications. IRSG, now trueNorth Records Management, is nationally accredited with PCI Certification and governmental security clearances. All of this remains in place; the only change is to our name. We are still made up of the same great companies, people, processes, and clearances--and the uniquene benefits trueNorth offers our clients will remain.