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Off-Site Data Security

The Vault

Protection Against Loss, Fire or Inadequate Storage
trueNorth’s media vault is designed to store and protect electronic media that needs controlled conditions to preserve information integrity.

The vault is a dry-zone, self-enclosed room with a 4-hour fire rating. Access to the vault is via a steel Chubb vault door with combination lock. Within the vault, a specially designed racking system, segregated into individual storage units, houses your data tapes, film and sound libraries.

Climate Controlled
trueNorth’s media vault is equipped with a dedicated, external HVAC system, which maintains the temperature and humidity within the vault at 20˚ Celsius and 45% relative humidity. The environmental conditions within the vault are also monitored by trueNorth’s security system to ensure conditions do not fluctuate by more than 5%.

Your media are protected in our high security vault for the long term storage of archival data as well as maintaining media for your daily, weekly or monthly data backup rotation schedule.