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Cost Effective Legal File Management

Cost Effective Legal File Management
trueNorth understands that the appropriate retention of legal files is necessary in order to meet legal, ethical and practical needs. Serving the legal industry since 1987, we are experts in developing cost effective records management solutions that comply with legal records management standards.

Our clients, including McCarthy Tetrault, trust trueNorth to develop systems that are easy to use, easy to access, and fit their budget.

Our Services Include:

Records Storage and Document Management

  • Safeguard the physical integrity of paper records
  • Securely store records for their designated retention periods
  • On demand access to files
  • Specialized on-site or off-site management of your central file room

Scanning & e-Document Creation

  • Quickly, cost-effectively, and expertly convert your practice’s paper files into legally admissible electronic documents (e-Docs)
  • High speed imaging expertise (scan on demand) for litigation support
  • Newly created e-Docs can be delivered to your practice via FTP download, DVD or ask about our secure, encrypted e-Doc hosting and management on trueNorth’s server.

Shredding & Destruction

  • Secure, confidential shredding of your records including paper and e-Docs

Off-Site Data Security

  • Safeguard critical data against catastrophe in trueNorth’s environmentally controlled, high security 4-hour fire rated vault
  • Back up tape rotation
  • Records archiving

e-Document Management

  • SaaS (software as a service) featuring unsurpassed e-Doc management software
  • Superior e-Doc hosting on our ultra secure, redundant servers and cloud data storage.
  • Manage, record, and track paper and e-Docs through their lifecycle
  • Access your practice’s entire catalogue of information from the comfort of your desk top

Bar Code Tracking
All trueNorth’s services are linked to your information through our bar code tracking system. Bar coding allows your data to be uniquely identified and provides a highly efficient system for indexing, accessing, and tracking your information.

Talk to the trueNorth Professionals
trueNorth understands the complexities of creating and maintaining records management systems that meet the high standards of the legal profession.                    

Give us a call. Someone always answers the phone, and we’ll be happy to help you develop a system that best suits your practice and your budget.